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Wednesday, October 12, 2011
By rating the foods and drinks the moment 'Fung Lim restaurant' gives the best place to eat, this restaurant is located outside of telupid town..

The famous 'Tea-C Special"..yum yum..its so delicous guys

then now we have a new spot..which is located in the town..and i was told that the owner of this restaurant is sabah local singer..have you heard of him 'Felix Don' and actuly he is from TAMBUNAN like me haha..ok let us have a peep on what are the amazing Menu we can get here..

1.ermmm i forgot its name haha (yatie's choice)

2.Nasi goreng seafood - yaka???haha (moon's choice)

3.Nasi goreng pulau - (my choice)

4.Wantan Ho - kalau nda silap la hehe (sinta's choice)

5.Nasi goreng sizzeling kenen - kalau nda silap la hehe (Shawal's choice)

So how is it?do you wanna try..well dont forget to pass by here and try it for im hungry


eL said...

mana ni??i want to go..

Ezra said...

whoa...Sabah teh-c-special is way different than Sarawak teh-c-special...hmm...should try one day... :D

ChrisjoeBaiko said...

el:di telupid laba ni hehe..
ezra:yup it is different..and u must try it

sweetandspicy said...

ui sia tau tu d 77 tu kan.. tmpat beraircond hehe.. mmg sdapt especially dia pny wantan mee.. tp tom yam yg tida sdap sana.. (abis la kalau bos dia terbaca) ada si sintah bgtau yg tukang masak dia penyanyi.. tp smpai skg sa x nmpk muka dia.. hehe..

bah, len kali jgn lupa belanja sana ah chris.. kekeke

Red Cherry and Avocado said...

Tea-c special tu looks yummy...

ChrisjoeBaiko said...

wina:buli ba hehe
red cherry:mimang sidap tu..perlu dicuba kalu singgah sni telupid

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