Our School Visit to the Local University-exposure to the secondary students

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some of the teachers of Entilibon..Mrs.Rizawani,Chrisjoe(me),Mr.shawal and Miss Moon with the students..this picture was taken at Pekan Nabalu Tower, we took a rest here for a while..i love the view there..we can see clearly the beautyness of the Mount Kinabalu..so stunning!

Posing infront of the UiTM sepanggar's library..we were able to take picture with UiTM staff..i forgot her name also (sorry)..we hope the students will open their eyes and mind about the life in university..we been shown so many places..we are a bit tied though..

we snap this pic when we visit UMS (Universiti Malaysia Sabah)..wow what can i say the university is so large and beautiful landscape..thats why im proud of UMS to be one of the good looking university in Asia..


sweetandspicy said...

bila kmu pg melawat ni chris? yes. I'm proud to be graduates from ums too. haha! ;P

ChrisjoeBaiko said...

yg klu nda silap bulan5 ni..hehe under bimbingan dan kaunseling punya program

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