McM D KK - Outing With Telupid Friends

Saturday, October 22, 2011
Starting from 16oct - 21oct..i was in Kota Kinabalu (KK), attending some meeting about ermm nah no need to mention haha..then after finishing my work here at baverly hotel..the weekend i spend my time with some really cool friends..we went to watch cinema (but not satisfied with the movie, so boring - the 2 eyed cat )..we went to tanjung aru also for dinner then we went back to Center here are some of the pictures that we've taken during our time at KK..

wow so many foods i guess haha (its me, then jackie and erwina)

The girls also join the club..shu and yatie time..both of them are enjoying shooting people

Boys VS Gurls..sorry to say Boys Win..haha just for fun k

nah i like this game..wina is so good at this..yatie haha

yeah karaoke time..oooohhhh i lost my voice here

Ok thats all for now..hehe


sweetandspicy said...

staga bidanya pic sia sana.. haha.. cets, boys win kunun.. maka c jack sturang ja yg men.. bah.. meh kta lawan next time. haha.. xD btw, enjoy the outing- altho I do have to admit, the movie is kinda boring (sorry because its me who suggesting it) wakaka.. tepa lah kan chris, suda kmi make it up dgn mblanja kmurg.. keke.

btw, we had fun :)

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