MY CONVO PIC..haha outdated already

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So finally i graduated on the 16/10/ so happy at this moment..studying for 4 years and finally i got my scroll of sucess..but i really miss my campus life..i miss my friends and the life of being a student..and i do believe the feel of doing a degree program and master program definitely are not the for those of you who are still in ur 1st degree study..fill ur time with a meaningful and memorable moment..thanks to my multimedian students, all my lecturers..thanks for everything..thanks for making my life as a student in UPSI one of the best thing that happens in my life..TQ


sweetandspicy said...

uiseh, pic zaman kegemilangan kaitu.. keke.

rindu kan mo study. sa pun kalau bole sa mau ulang balik zaman uni sia ni.. sa tida mo buat perkara yg tidak berfaedah mcm pg buat part time n enjoy life fully as a student.. *sigh*. rindu zaman study. hehe.

ChrisjoeBaiko said...

kan 2la2 mmg rindu bangat..klu kita smbung master lain suda perasan dia tu

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