Merentas Desa Sekolah (Cross Country)

Monday, April 26, 2010 you are goin to and run as fast as you can..haha but not me

In the cross country i was one of the teachers that is incharge of checking up the students along thier way so nothing would go wrong..and i guess there is nothing to worry at all because from the begining till the end of the all seem to go in place..all the student are that determind in winning i guess haha

see for yourself..even they are cute chubby kids but i like thier spirit..

One of the check point that students must have the mark of it..

Tecahers having some time to be a child again..haha lol

I was there too..then i thought this would make a great photo..well and im right..its so funny and fun to see somehing like know what i mean..grown up people doin something like this..i think if they see this..they would probably smile..

Meet my friends from UiA..Doris and Mona..

then we have haris UPSi again and firdaus GSTT

Overall what can i say about this event..its such a great time really..besides havin some fun we can train and excercise our that we can be much healthier than ever..


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