Practical Teaching (SMK Seksyen 5 Wangsa Maju, KL)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ok it seem that i havent updated my blog for such a long..long im gonna start with my 2010 blog about my practical teaching..

posing through the main gate of school

Huh finally im in the final semester (sem8) to complete my 4 years of study in becoming an educator..i got my school in wangsamaju KL..i got to say its not easy living in KL area..every second you have to got money to survive here..huh

standing infront of teachers office

Haha my first day at school actuly doing my ROS 2 ( Rancangan orentasi sekolah) for 2 weeks then continue my practical teaching for 14 weeks huh so total up im going to spend about 16 weeks at this school starting from the 18jan-14may huh such a long journey right..

Having a little chit-chat with the PK-Hem..standing next to me is hafisz, his from UPSI 2

For a great start its nice to get to know the S'vian which they call themselves as the people of seksyen 5..but im very..very pleased and happy to do my practical here..the s'vians are very nice and polite..from the principal, teachers through the students i guess this school makes a pretty good job..well done s'vian

Nothing much to do for the first day at school so have a relaxing game show

My friend (hariss) and i watch some sports activity that is happening on the school field..actuly its just been our first day so..nothing much to just foolin around..get to know the life of being a teacher..and what can i say..sure being a teacher is not that easy as many people think it is..being a good teacher requires a tough both mind and physical..dont believe me..well you guys should try being a teacher then you'll know for sure..haha ok thats it for now..


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