Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So the time has come..we are called to a gathering which we will soon know which school are we going to serve..when i first heard my name was called..i then heard my school's name.."SMK ENTILIBON"..and gosh i got TELUPID area..and the real thing is that i really wanted to be posted in my own hometown TAMBUNAN..but i guess this is what they call destiny haha..i kept thinking..oooo RURAL surely we will imagine lots of things for is the road? is the water service there..and the best part is that..i think about the mobile line..can we make a call? this time also i meet some new friends..there were 2 of us that were posted in the same school..his name was asri..and the funny thing is that he is also UPSIan..and its like meeting a new person although actuly we are studying at the same university for 4 years and we havent noticed..haha..then i met up with ckgu shawal, ckgu rizawani, ckgu moon, ckgu haryanto, ckgu saiful, ckgu joshi, and mr.noh..they rock!

This is one of my school view..ok when i reached my school for the first time..i thought it will be a hard place..but i was wrong..and it is a very peaceful place..i like the sorrounding..a village scene..and the people are very polite..and that was the time when i kept quiet and thank GOD for everything..


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