Industrial Training (Educational TechnoloGY Division-BTP)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is my work place..i mean office if you don't mind..haha

Eventhough we are just trainer..this company really treat us like thier own staff..and im very pleased with it..its very cool to get your own room like this..well im feelin like a boss at the moment hahaha

This is what i do..great isn't it?lol

I get very busy at sometime and very boring when all work are at the sektor pembangunan pelbagai media which we called it PPM..this sector is responsible for developing and producing courseware, e-bahan, all media that have to do with teaching aids for teachers at schools. So, im feelin like lucky to be in this team. I've learn so many things about the school's teaching aids isu, i guess..

What more can i say..i get stress when work is everywhere!!!!!!!

Omg..i get frustrated when i don't get to finish my work in time..not only that..there are more work to come..huhu..its calling over here and, what to do?if u were me..

Playing piano is what the heart matters most..

When its lunch time..i prefer go to the auditorium and play the piano! i can relax myself..playin some of the favourite balled song..huh i did enjoy playing the canon in D and also a song called 'first love' by utada hikaru..

I just like this shot..haha its by rudop..

What is the thing that i love this shot, its simply a stunning action with no so great posing but yet still very alive..haha people might think i was leaning on my friend's shoulder..right?or maybe theres something that you viewer out there sees more than that..

We also join some courses here at BTP..

Other than working here for 2 months, we also have been exposed to certain courses to make our softskill even better in multimedia field..for example we have completed the audio editing software using 'pro tools' that requires software+hardware, theres no chance that we will use it back to UPSI..then we have the networking course..which we have learn many skills in hacking and using useble software for our future a IT educator.

Camera..1..2..3 action!!

I'am so proud to get this kind of experience..i've always wondering what is the real situation when you are broadcasting a show..this is what we felt, same as the real one that happening out there..i was one of the speaker for the talk show..we were like artist that time haha..yeah i mean you see your self on the television show (kind of)..

Here are the best part..who is that?

yeah we've learn so many things about the broadcasting part..especially our friends that is in the 'sektor penyiaran'..which works with the education televison broadcasting..its really fun really to have this experiences.

This is my beloved sector of media development..

This picture means lot to me, cause it show the end of our industrial training at BTP, we did enjoy making our training here with BTP, also all the staff are awsome..they are like our brothers and sisters..they treat us equal like everyone..thats the good culture of working..i love it..i just wanna thanks to all the BTP team especially to my sector..nice workin with you guys..hope to see again.


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