First CCEM in Malaysia

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The 17th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers, a triennial event, will be a platform for leaders, ministers, and professionals in education to discuss critical elements in the Commonwealth. There will be several firsts for Malaysia during the upcoming 17th Conference of Common­wealth Education Ministers (CCEM) from June 15 to 19. The country would be hosting the conference for the first time in CCEM’s 50 years of history since it was first held in Oxford, Britain in 1959.

It marks the Commonwealth’s recognition of Malaysia’s success in education and overall development since Merdeka, said Education Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Zulkurnain Awang. “This event is important for others to assess what we have done so far. “People from other countries would say we have done well and some say we have not. “But by having this conference here, it allows everyone to see how we have performed. Not just in terms of education but how we have progressed so far,” he said.

The conference is a triennial event and a platform for national leaders, education ministers, teachers and other individuals involved in education policy making and capacity building to discuss critical education elements in the Commonwealth.

Themed, ‘Education in the Commonwealth: Towards and Beyond Global Goals and Targets’, this year’s conference will focus on discussing the effectiveness of the Commonwealth education system to meet the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in education.

Me and yogesh..smiling for the KFC coupon..

The CCEM start on monday, before that, on sunday we came to get ready for our exhibition. We were representing for the Ministry of Eduction, Malaysia, which the educational technology division is one of the main organization that is incharge of this exhibition. About the picture i ts what we are having lunch for the rest of the KFC is what we have been eating a lot..till we get bored of it..but we still can go for pizza hut..but its so expensive..KFC more to go..but i don't care cause its free men!!

Still got opportunity to snap photo with my own university

Foolin around with foreigner

Have a taste of other country presentation

Testing one of the other Commonwealth countries education performance. I did figure out, that Malaysia is still among the best in education field. So to all Malaysian be proud of ourself that we recieved a great education, thanks to the Ministry of Education for thier efforts on developing the best education in Malaysia.

Have a little relaxing time to gain knowledge..

Huh we are simulating learning with the CMPC

Its a great experience to simulate a classroom learning using the classmate personal computer (CMPC), we were a bit shakey when the Minster of education, YAB Tan Sri Muhyiddin HJ Mohd Yassin is there with our Pengarah BTP. He was watching us simulating the active learning in classroom.

The Ministry of Eduction's big family..

What a great view!!!! see you again next CCEM..

I'm gonna miss this moment..what a amazing event to us, and we are very proud to be in it..sure its the international event, sure we met many people around the world with different background of education..but what matters the most is that ourself..are you satisfied with your knowledge right now??..i do not, so i wanna seek more knowlede around the world..

If you wanna be somebody!

If you wanna go somewhere!

You better wake up and pay attention!


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