McM D KK - Outing With Telupid Friends

Saturday, October 22, 2011
Starting from 16oct - 21oct..i was in Kota Kinabalu (KK), attending some meeting about ermm nah no need to mention haha..then after finishing my work here at baverly hotel..the weekend i spend my time with some really cool friends..we went to watch cinema (but not satisfied with the movie, so boring - the 2 eyed cat )..we went to tanjung aru also for dinner then we went back to Center here are some of the pictures that we've taken during our time at KK..

wow so many foods i guess haha (its me, then jackie and erwina)

The girls also join the club..shu and yatie time..both of them are enjoying shooting people

Boys VS Gurls..sorry to say Boys Win..haha just for fun k

nah i like this game..wina is so good at this..yatie haha

yeah karaoke time..oooohhhh i lost my voice here

Ok thats all for now..hehe

The Special Foods & Drinks - Telupid's Hotspot

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
By rating the foods and drinks the moment 'Fung Lim restaurant' gives the best place to eat, this restaurant is located outside of telupid town..

The famous 'Tea-C Special"..yum yum..its so delicous guys

then now we have a new spot..which is located in the town..and i was told that the owner of this restaurant is sabah local singer..have you heard of him 'Felix Don' and actuly he is from TAMBUNAN like me haha..ok let us have a peep on what are the amazing Menu we can get here..

1.ermmm i forgot its name haha (yatie's choice)

2.Nasi goreng seafood - yaka???haha (moon's choice)

3.Nasi goreng pulau - (my choice)

4.Wantan Ho - kalau nda silap la hehe (sinta's choice)

5.Nasi goreng sizzeling kenen - kalau nda silap la hehe (Shawal's choice)

So how is it?do you wanna try..well dont forget to pass by here and try it for im hungry

Our School Visit to the Local University-exposure to the secondary students

Some of the teachers of Entilibon..Mrs.Rizawani,Chrisjoe(me),Mr.shawal and Miss Moon with the students..this picture was taken at Pekan Nabalu Tower, we took a rest here for a while..i love the view there..we can see clearly the beautyness of the Mount stunning!

Posing infront of the UiTM sepanggar's library..we were able to take picture with UiTM staff..i forgot her name also (sorry)..we hope the students will open their eyes and mind about the life in university..we been shown so many places..we are a bit tied though..

we snap this pic when we visit UMS (Universiti Malaysia Sabah) what can i say the university is so large and beautiful landscape..thats why im proud of UMS to be one of the good looking university in Asia..

1 Of Our Activity at ENTILIBON - Mandi Sungai

we are on our way to a river called..haha i forgot already..but it is a nice cool river..i got to say its deep too..there were 3 of us..noh, asri and myself..the river is very has many fish in it..when u stand in the water...the fish will get near your feet and kiss your feet or should i say bite your feet haha ...oh its very wonderful..

Posing in the water..asri and guys...haha


So the time has come..we are called to a gathering which we will soon know which school are we going to serve..when i first heard my name was called..i then heard my school's name.."SMK ENTILIBON"..and gosh i got TELUPID area..and the real thing is that i really wanted to be posted in my own hometown TAMBUNAN..but i guess this is what they call destiny haha..i kept thinking..oooo RURAL surely we will imagine lots of things for is the road? is the water service there..and the best part is that..i think about the mobile line..can we make a call? this time also i meet some new friends..there were 2 of us that were posted in the same school..his name was asri..and the funny thing is that he is also UPSIan..and its like meeting a new person although actuly we are studying at the same university for 4 years and we havent noticed..haha..then i met up with ckgu shawal, ckgu rizawani, ckgu moon, ckgu haryanto, ckgu saiful, ckgu joshi, and mr.noh..they rock!

This is one of my school view..ok when i reached my school for the first time..i thought it will be a hard place..but i was wrong..and it is a very peaceful place..i like the sorrounding..a village scene..and the people are very polite..and that was the time when i kept quiet and thank GOD for everything..

MY CONVO PIC..haha outdated already

So finally i graduated on the 16/10/ so happy at this moment..studying for 4 years and finally i got my scroll of sucess..but i really miss my campus life..i miss my friends and the life of being a student..and i do believe the feel of doing a degree program and master program definitely are not the for those of you who are still in ur 1st degree study..fill ur time with a meaningful and memorable moment..thanks to my multimedian students, all my lecturers..thanks for everything..thanks for making my life as a student in UPSI one of the best thing that happens in my life..TQ

Merentas Desa Sekolah (Cross Country)

Monday, April 26, 2010 you are goin to and run as fast as you can..haha but not me

In the cross country i was one of the teachers that is incharge of checking up the students along thier way so nothing would go wrong..and i guess there is nothing to worry at all because from the begining till the end of the all seem to go in place..all the student are that determind in winning i guess haha

see for yourself..even they are cute chubby kids but i like thier spirit..

One of the check point that students must have the mark of it..

Tecahers having some time to be a child again..haha lol

I was there too..then i thought this would make a great photo..well and im right..its so funny and fun to see somehing like know what i mean..grown up people doin something like this..i think if they see this..they would probably smile..

Meet my friends from UiA..Doris and Mona..

then we have haris UPSi again and firdaus GSTT

Overall what can i say about this event..its such a great time really..besides havin some fun we can train and excercise our that we can be much healthier than ever..