Sungai Samak may, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My fren and i..on the 'jambatan gantung'

Finally its the semester we decide to have some fun, at the sungai samak, its a cool palce, here at tanjung malim..with its fresh cool water river and also the'll sure fall in love with we also play with the 'balader' which means the buoy..hahaha i hope im right..and here we play nice 'bubut-bubut' which reminds me of my childhood..

Haha enjoying the water.. Trying to smile but can't..

Yeah i have a great time in the water, the water are very cold huh..but feels fresh and white for those you out there that want to try for fresh cool relaxing scene..well why dont try here at sungai samak..haha believe me..

Just to show some of the great action..

This is my fren..peter haha he's a funny person, he make this stunning moves that i finally have capture, see the water sparkle with eye drop..great don't play jerk with him, his so silly explanation.

well..well..well..what a fine couple..

They are very cute..aren't they..the girl with the name 'guranit' and the boy with the name 'gerimut' hahaha they are very hope they will last forever..haha i think im kiddin right..if the models here in the picture get to see sorry hehe just to make up my blog even more intresting..


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