Kaizen Musica 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Taking picture with my music classmates (26-28 march 2009)

Well we were getting ready with our performance, and im taking the singing part which is on the 70's era hahahaha..well actuly im kind of not used to music like in this era, cause i love to sing more on english songs hahahaha..i guess maybe i prefer for the oldies from the western..but anyway im glad to perform something new and that is singing a song that i kind of not so into it..

They used to be the heroin for this night (steff and ervie)

They make a great performance..outstanding, all of the performance are great after all, there so much to watch, including the marching band, eksplorasi, improvoice, x-strings, elektro gamelan, phantom musica and many more...huh i kind of forget the other hahahaha sorry for that.

Haha im performing men!!!!!

Ok..ok..i know u guys are goin to laugh maybe..but i do laugh at my self also..but truely what can i say about this performance, im satisfied with it, cause with the great stage, awsome musican, and the wonderful dancer makes the performance so alive..what can i say 'amazing'. Those who have watched me on stage i thank you..for 3 days performing, im so tied but yet felt amazing to complete this performance.


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